Purre Barre

Pure Barre went on an epic NYC media tour to claim rights for the barre movement.
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Garnering the media attention it deserved.

Few things are as powerful or sweeping in American culture as a fitness movement. Catching the wave of a new fitness phenomenon is an exhilarating marketing experience that can lead to immeasurable success, and if you’re the one that created the wave, then buckle up for sustained prosperity. As the premier lifestyle brand in the barre vanguard, Pure Barre sought to establish itself as the country’s first option for a fit lifestyle through national lifestyle media exposure. After all, Pure Barre was one of the first in the barre exercise movement, and it was undoubtedly the best.


Let the media see what Pure Barre is all about.

COHN set up a NYC media tour with Pure Barre’s founder, letting her give top-tier lifestyle magazines a firsthand account of what makes Pure Barre unique. And instead of just telling media what made Pure Barre great, COHN invited them to try the workout for themselves, putting them in classes across the country to showcase how effective Pure Barre is in shaping women’s bodies.


PR at its purest.

The media tour produced the large, national awareness that Pure Barre wanted. As a direct result of COHN’s efforts, Pure Barre enjoyed interest, interviews and coverage from the biggest names in business and lifestyle media, including About.com, Bloomberg, CNN, Denver Business Journal, Examiner, Fitness Magazine, Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, Shape Magazine, Time, Women’s Day and Women’s Health.