Guildford Town Centre

Guildford Town Centre used a physical transformation to rebrand its 47-year-old shopping centre to continue primary trade area dominance and reach into new secondary market segments.
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Capitalize on significant improvements to tell bright, new story.

Guildford Town Centre (GTC) is one of the top shopping destinations in BC, Canada. During massive redevelopment, the developer used the opportunity to rebrand and promote the new shopping centre without losing the essence of GTC in the marketplace. With the primary intent of taking it to the next level by communicating the massive renovations, upgrades and incredible store mix, GTC wanted to tell the story of its bright future while ultimately generating new leasing interest from the retail community.


Yours, GTC.

While the GTC redevelopments were in progress, COHN created a compelling, atmospheric leasing brochure that demonstrates the potential of the upcoming iteration of Guildford Town Centre—and its impact on the market. The new brochure set the tone for the updated centre and was used as a door-opener and in leasing conversations with prospective tenants and strategic partners.

Meanwhile, COHN developed the redeveloped centre’s brand and  positioning strategy. The brand expression, “Yours, GTC” was created to reinforce the centre’s PTO market dominance while inviting new customers in the STA to see the centre and their first choice.  “Yours, GTC” nods to the relationship with the primary audience as the cornerstone of the community but also conveys the breadth of offerings with a store mix found like no other in the South Fraser Valley.


Grand Opening achieves highest sales increases since 1966.

Every marketing touch point communicated the “Yours, GTC” message to existing customers as well as the secondary market – print ads, King George transit station domination, outdoor, transit, in-centre, online and environmental graphics. Marketing to an extended target audience drew in 64,500 on Grand Opening Day and 319,129 over the 6-day Grand Opening event. Sales increases across the board topped year-to-date percentages not seen since the Centre opening in 1966.

Since the Grand Opening, COHN has successfully collaborate with GTC on several seasonal campaigns, including a highly successful and playful digital program wherein GTC asked its community shoppers to tout their dog(s) for a printed canine calendar.

“We had an overwhelming response to our Canine Casting Call campaign and all our objectives were exceeded.” Rosavel Scott, Marketing Director, GTC.