Galleria Dallas

Galleria Dallas made a splash with a strategically sound, aesthetically striking refresh.
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Redefining a celebrated cornerstone in Dallas shopping.

For decades, Galleria Dallas was the dominant fashion center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but like any other long-established brand, the time had come for Galleria Dallas to undergo revitalization.


Tip a hat to the hometown.

COHN set Galleria Dallas apart from its fellow shopping entities by staking claim to its heart and soul: Dallas. As Galleria Dallas is a city of retail experiences located at the virtual hub of the city itself, COHN developed an external brand positioning tagline to tout the relationship and built a full-scale brand campaign around it appropriately titled, “We are Dallas.”


Boldness reclaimed.

Since the brand revival, Galleria Dallas is back and bolder than ever. Now equipped with a fully integrated brand platform that differentiates it from the pack, Galleria’s ownership is pleased as punch with the property’s new look and voice. Following the “We are Dallas” refresh, COHN also relaunched the web outpost for Galleria—improving page views per visit by 200%, visit duration by 100%, and decreasing bounce rate by 132% in the first three months—and has continued its relationship with Galleria for every seasonal campaign, reinforcing the brand’s bold, fashion-forward identity.