Exempla Healthcare’s validation in Healthgrades provided an opportunity to tell the human side of great healthcare.
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More to the story than numbers and rankings.

All three of Exempla Healthcare’s hospitals took home the prestigious Healthgrades award in 2012. The awards recognize hospitals rated in the top 5 percent in the nation with the lowest risk-adjusted mortality and complication rates across 27 common conditions and procedures. Exempla Healthcare hospitals were the only hospital system in Colorado to be ranked, and the company wanted to showcase these achievements, without losing the human side to the story.


Promote the “Numbers that Count” in healthcare and in life.

To deepen the meaning of Exempla’s Healthgrades awards, COHN created the “Numbers that Count” campaign. Rather than focus on boastful statistics, the campaign aimed to focus on the benefits for the patient. People want to know they can get out of the hospital and back to their lives quickly. To better illustrate this, COHN leveraged imagery and copy that illustrated numbers important to patients’ lives.


Outpouring of new visitors leads to more projects for COHN.

The campaign was executed across multiple channels including print, outdoor, radio and digital within the Denver and Boulder metro areas. It drew several hundred thousand new visitors to the Exempla website and received industry-leading performance results within the digital elements of the campaign. The campaign’s success revealed additional opportunities to partner with Exempla, including the promotion of Saint Joseph Hospital’s bariatric surgery center, Exempla’s cardiology services, and a new spiritual and emotional care service offered by Saint Joseph Hospital.