Castle and Cooke Mortgage

Castle & Cooke Mortgage reworked its SEO strategy to win the battle for keywords.
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Low web traffic due to poor search ranking.

The Castle & Cooke Mortgage website was not originally built with an SEO focus making it difficult for search users to find the website. With a greater emphasis on organic search ranking and web traffic, Castle & Cooke sought to launch and enhance its SEO efforts through smart, sophisticated strategy.


Retrofit a smart SEO strategy onto the existing site to garner more traffic.

As its collaborative partner, COHN aimed to make the entire Castle & Cooke website more searchable and engaging for potential new clients by developing an SEO strategy that could be carried throughout the website and other online content. These SEO updates would make the website more available to homebuyers searching for mortgages, tips and helpful information.


Improvements across the board.

In the introductory six-month time period, the website saw impressive improvements, even in characteristically slower winter months: Monthly sessions increased 18%, and page views per session increased 25%. Along with the increase in number of pages viewed, the average session duration increased 14%. Even with the increased traffic the website’s bounce rate actually decreased 20%. The highest percentage of website visitors arrived via organic search, and across the board users were more engaged.