Bio2 Medical sprinted to develop brand messaging and collateral to break into the healthcare industry and prevent pulmonary embolism.
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On the precipice of key FDA clearance of its medical device.

Bio2 Medical, inventors of a new medical device designed to prevent pulmonary embolism (PE), could see its all-important FDA clearance on the horizon. After years of engineering, development, fundraising, and clinical research, the moment of truth was now only months—not years—away for its flagship product, appropriately named the Angel® Catheter. It was now time to build out a full set of brand messaging and collateral materials to hit the ground running when the Angel® Catheter would finally be approved for U.S. use.


Prioritize and sprint—starting with brand.

In advance of the FDA clearance, COHN met with Bio2 for brand discovery and came away with urgent brand marketing projects to prepare the Angel® Catheter for its moment in the sun. Most importantly, COHN took key Bio2 leaders on a deep-dive to better understand the Angel® Catheter’s function and distinct place among competition to develop its brand strategy, unique selling propositions, story and essence.

From there, COHN’s creative team began to express the Bio2 brand with an updated color palette and imagery, as well as more of a focus on the human aspect of preventing PE. The Angel® Catheter story was taking form, and soon the rest of the industry would be forced to take notice of its bold messaging, distinctive branding, and powerful story. Now equipped with a compelling brand strategy, COHN went into production on urgent pieces of marketing collateral that Bio2 needed for upcoming VAC meetings, conferences and tradeshows.


Meet the VAC Pack—the “Sistine Chapel” of medical marketing materials.

Among the countless benefits of brand strategy and development is message and creative alignment. With a comprehensive messaging platform in place, COHN was able to write, develop and complete 20+ prioritized jobs in only a matter of months, including a comprehensive marketing portfolio developed for physician champions of the Angel® Catheter to sell into a hospital’s Value Analysis Committee (VAC).

Because the VAC typically only allows a physician—not a product salesperson—to make the case for new product at a hospital, it’s critical that you furnish the physician with everything he or she might need in the VAC presentation.

As such, the Bio2 VAC Pack contains the entire Angel® Catheter story, from clinical evidence to doctor endorsements to product information and much, much more. It’s the mother of all marketing materials, and once the team finalized it, the client nicknamed COHN’s VAC Pack “the Sistine Chapel” of medical marketing materials—a compliment that still makes us blush.

The industry agrees. Healthcare Marketing Report awarded Bio2 with Gold in the Healthcare Advertising Awards for the Angel® Catheter Launch.

Today, Bio2 is building out its sales team and is actively selling into hospitals across the U.S. Soon, the Angel® Catheter will be in every trauma bay in the country to save lives and prevent PE.