Aurora Development Services

Aurora city planners told the promising story of T.O.D.
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A need for T.O.D. partners along Aurora’s new rail line.

With nine new transit stations planned along I-225 on Denver’s Light Rail system, Aurora faced a serious development challenge. The city needed to lure developers from within Colorado and around the U.S. to partner in bringing their economic and community vision to this corridor. The campaign targeted new housing, retail and commercial opportunities in the Aurora marketplace.


“Urban Unexpected” as the foundation for Aurora’s brand story.

COHN worked with Aurora city planners and marketing/communications team, as well as outsourced consultants, to build a brand for the T.O.D. projects. With the new brand, “Urban Unexpected” firmly in place, COHN created trade show and marketing collaterals along with a new compelling website to tell the full story of the newly named, “Aurora Line.”


Development up and down the corridor.

Response to the campaign has been tremendous; much of the land adjacent to the stations has been spoken for by private developers. The proposed development at these stations is markedly different from the development Aurora has seen in the past; mixed-use projects with multiple stories are planned up and down the line. Development at key stations such as Colfax is already underway. The Hyatt Regency at Fitzsimons Village with the accompanying conference and parking garage has opened, and it boasts The Forum at Fitzsimons, an iconic mixed-use development currently under construction.