Business in the Time of Corona

March 13, 2020

10 ways to stay connected with clients and customers through a health crisis.

When it comes to public health emergencies, no industry is protected from the shockwave of changes that impact both day-to-day operations and scalable investments. Whether it’s the fear of getting sick, the fear of sunken costs, or fear of the unknown, consider new ways to stay connected to help alleviate these fears.

We know there are numerous consumer touchpoints to explore. So we decided to share our top ten ways for responding to unfolding events, managing company preparedness, and ensuring that no matter the crisis at hand, your business continues to make every interaction matter.

1. Recognize and Respond to the Situation
It’s true in both professional and personal matters: Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. Be proactive with your communications by addressing the current public health concern and establishing your company’s protocol to support the safety and wellness of employees and customers.

2. Webinar? Why not.
Just because your conference was canceled, doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to your audience. Turn presentations into engaging virtual meetings and host your own web conferences. Ensure your webinar promotion includes the benefit that anyone can attend, from anywhere in the world.

3. Direct Mail, with a Twist
What do consumers love to get in the mail? Items that make their life better. Lean into the current health needs by creating personalized care boxes for your audiences. Whether it’s tissues, hand sanitizer, or disinfectant wipes, this proactive postage is one way to make a thoughtful connection.

4. Stay Social
During times of crisis, social media can become a place of great misinformation and conjecture. Make sure your voice stays trusted with the audiences that matter. Be transparent with the changes that are both in and out of your control as well as practicing quick, responsive help to online inquiries. For more on brand communications in time of crisis, check out Twitter’s helpful guide.

5. Take Visits Virtual
Maintain your business’s momentum by being flexible to alternate ways of meeting. From moving your service center to an online forum or providing telecommuting options, make sure clients know that your company is adapting to meet their changing needs.

6. Establish Safe Zones, IRL
Is e-commerce not an option for your business? Optimize your customer experience and maintain foot traffic by establishing various health guards. Offer disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, and other preventative options that make your customers feel secure.

7. Amplify Paid Search
Take note of your digital strategy and how it’s supporting and engaging your customers in the midst of a public health crisis.

8. Take it to Video
When it comes to conveying a commitment to safety or even just reacting to the situation at hand, a personal touch goes a long way. A video presentation is not only visually engaging, but touches on the relatable, human perspective that your consumers appreciate during uncertain times.

9. May We Suggest a Survey?
Public health concerns can be an endless guessing game. Eliminate the confusion by letting your consumers voice their needs directly. Run a targeted email campaign to your current list(s) that includes a questionnaire that can identify demand and help steer toward those areas.

10. Build-Up the Blog
Blogging is one of the best ways to connect with customers and stay on people’s radar. Take it a step further with a dedicated landing page that can include specific messaging, links, and videos that offer valuable resources during times of crisis.

Looking for additional tools and resources to stay informed? Visit Communicating During a Public Health Crisis for more insights from our full-service, fully integrated agency.

Infographic: Tale of the Tailgate 2020