5 Things That Happened in Digital This Week – February 12, 2015

February 12, 2015

Google & Twitter Team Up

Google announced last week that it will soon be showing real-time Tweets in search results. The whole concept has social marketers pretty excited, but the real-time aspect is making some brands nervous. This update will no doubt extend the longevity of a Tweet. As if the hundreds of screenshots are not enough payback for embarrassing brand Twitter fails, these flubs will now haunt them from their Google results page.

Instagram videos are now looping

Now there is nothing that Vine can do that Instagram can’t do better. The welcome update of looping video on Instagram opens up new creative possibilities that were previously only available via the 6-second looping video platform, Vine. Also, I no longer have to lift my finger to push play again if I want to watch a video twice, so that’s a relief.

Your 12-year-old cousin probably got an iPhone

Rocket Fuel polling found in December 2014 that about 3 in 10 internet using US parent internet users planned to buy mobile phones for their children when they are 12 or 13 years old. It might be time for Disney Channel to step up their mobile marketing efforts.


Netflix “accidently” leaked the third season of their original series House of Cards on Wednesday. The official premier date is February 27th and the sudden appearance and disappearance of the 13-episode season promoted fans to, of course, vent their frustrations on social media. So was this all an elaborate marketing scheme? Are we all just pawns in Netflix’s rise to the top of Internet streaming services? Or have I been watching House of Cards too much?

Big things in cyber security

The White House has established the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, a new agency dedicated to U.S. Cyber Security. The agency will work to prevent and respond to cyber attacks and threats. Not to be left out, Facebook also launched a new platform called ThreatExchange where professionals can share information about cyber threats.

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