3 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018

October 16, 2017

Will marketers pass the torch from Millennials to Gen Z?

As 2017 winds down, it’s time to consider what next year has in store for social media marketing. It’s been a busy year for social, from the Russian propaganda Facebook scandal to figuring out what to do with Twitter’s new 280 character limit. There is a lot to unpack for 2018.

Because it’s constantly changing, it’s difficult to foresee how different trends will actually pan out, but here are a few of COHN’s predictions for social media in 2018:

1. Influencer marketing will become a staple. We’re all familiar with how popular influencer marketing has become, and it works, too. This is my job, and even I am influenced to the point of purchase by some of my favorite bloggers.

Hook. Line. Sucker? Not quite. If your influencer strategy actually makes sense for the demographic, you will be swimming in success. The products that I’ve tried due to social influence are products I would probably love anyway.

It’s just about getting your product in front of the right people at the right time, and with the rise of Instagram Stories and similar features, it’s a no-brainer tactic for anyone with budget.

2. The shift from Millennials to Generation Z. Forget Millennials—or maybe just have them move down a bit. As Generation Z enters the working world, they’ll have spending money and marketers should consider their habits early on. What platforms do they pay attention to? How are they connecting to their friends online? What type(s) of content do they respond to the most? Understanding how this cohort thinks and behaves will be crucial in 2018—and the next decade.

3. Channels will combat platform misconduct and misuse. You know all about the myriad of unsettling behavior and events that have occurred and continue to occur on social media.

So what are platforms doing about it? For starters, Facebook is fighting back against fake news and revealed the thousands of ads linked to Russian propaganda. It’ll be interesting to see what steps other platforms take to gain more control over usage, and what effect that might have for brand marketers who rely on clickbait headlines to get conversions.

What are your social media predictions for 2018?

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