Way to Go

Way to Go embraced positive encouragement to motivate Denver commuters.
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Driving behavior change among Denver drivers.

Way to Go, a program of Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) that encourages smarter commuting options, desperately needed to improve brand awareness and customer engagement. In short, their objective was to change Denver metro-area commuter behavior and reduce single occupancy vehicle miles traveled.


Cherish the positive, encourage smarter choices.

Research shows that in behavioral change, positivity triumphs over negativity. As such, COHN shifted the existing brand messaging from punishment (“You are clogging the highways.”) to encouragement (“Nice job!”) for those who change their behaviors. This positive approach to the brand uses bright colors and acknowledging messages to celebrate the desired behavior that is intended to create a culture around smarter commuting in the Denver region. It’s way more effective to support positive change: “Way to go!”


Regional adoption, programmatic transcendence.

Way to Go services seven counties and 52 municipalities in the Denver region. Buy-in from key partners was crucial for the program to launch successfully, and COHN helped Way to Go secure enthusiastic buy-in from key stakeholders with inspiring branding. Since launch, Way to Go enlisted COHN for ongoing promotional campaigns for Bike to Work Day, the Way to Go Facebook page, and a B:B month-long outreach campaigned playfully titled, “Go-Tober.”