What We Read This Week — March 10th, 2017

From Steve Jobs almost nixing the Genius Bar to the big, bad, scary entity that keeps us advertising folk up at night, here’s What We Read this week.

Study: Majority of retailers are ready to invest in IoT
From innovative delivery services to micro-locationing, here’s another interesting study that analyzes the technology trends that are impacting and shaping the future of the retail industry.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Steve Jobs initially blasted Genius Bars at Apple stores
Experiential retail is all the rage right now. Consumers don’t need to come to your brick and mortar store anymore, as the argument goes, so you better offer an in-person brand experience at retail to draw consumers. We know that Apple is a pioneer in experiential retail, but this article from Apple Insider suggests that the Genius Bar, a signature of any Apple store, nearly was killed by none other than super genius Steve Jobs: “I’ve never met someone who knows technology who knows how to connect with people. They’re all geeks! You can call it the Geek Bar,” Jobs reportedly said.
CJ Powell, Writer

Forget Facebook and Google: The ad world thinks this tech giant is ‘terrifying’
The advertising world continues to evolve and new opportunities arise and it’s important to be open to change help clients navigate the transition to a more digital-centric approach.
Ali Lego, Chief Operating Officer

The Year of Mobile Strikes Again!
Mobile continues to grow (no surprise), and as more and more budgets are shifted to mobile, where’s the money coming from? This article highlighting topics from last week’s Mobile World Summit suggests TV is continuing to see a decline. In fact, in 2017, total digital budgets will surpass TV for the first time.
Anne Wright, Director of Client Services

Eight Times American Brands Got Political
We’re in a time when many Americans are taking a political stand, and a lot of us choose to spend our dollars with like-minded companies. Brands certainly have influence today, but it isn’t a new phenomenon. Here are Eight Times American Brands Got Political in history.
Elizabeth Knight, Account Supervisor

“Degrading” Saint Laurent Campaign Under Fire by French Ad Watchdog
World renowned fashion designer, Yves St Laurent, is in some trouble for releasing sexist ads. The ads are highly offensive, and people have taken to social media to express their disapproval of the ads. Designers need to understand their impact on not just grown women, but young girls who might interpret this to be the way women should look and behave.
Teri Springer, Senior Art Director



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