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Scott Cleveland

Account Executive

  • Birthplace: Boulder, CO
  • College: University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Previous companies: YEARONE
  • Brands Scott has worked on: The North Face, Royal Gorge Region, US Olympic Committee, Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Industry experience: Cannabis, Tourism, Consumer Product Goods, Education, Non-Profit
  • What Scott actually does: My day to day activities revolve around account and relationship management with an emphasis in strategic development and marketing execution.
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Scott Skiing Beaver CreekScott and his dogScott Hiking Mt Massive

Scott always delivers.

Lisa Wieting / VP Planning & Integration

Case Study: SolaBev

How do you launch a B2B brand in a top-heavy space?

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sola bev brand book

  • Cities lived in: Boulder, CO; Jackson, WY; Denver, CO
  • What do you do in your spare time? Skiing, Photography, Camping, and Hiking are some of my favorite activities. If its outside, there is a good bet I enjoy it.
  • Travel memories of note: After my junior year of college, I spent two months backpacking through Europe and northern Africa. During that time I visited eleven countries and explored more than seventeen cities. Morocco was by far my favorite, followed closely by Prague and Copenhagen.
  • Someday I plan to go to… Japan, New Zealand, Eastern Europe
  • Unexpected fun fact: My first real job was leading extending camping trips for youth ages nine to fifteen.
  • A really big accomplishment: Becoming an Account Manager and part owner of an advertising agency directly out of college.
  • Who knew? I’ve been skiing since I was in diapers.
  • Family matters: Oldest of three siblings, my brother and sister are twins.
  • A quote you love: You aren’t advertising to a standing army; you are advertising to a moving parade. – David Ogilvy
  • Why marketing? Every day we have the opportunity to solve problems, make a difference, and generate lasting results.
  • Favorite food(s): Wings, Cheese Curds, Chinese take out
  • Favorite place(s): Moab, RedRocks, Northern WI, Jackson Hole
  • Favorite sounds(s): A crackling fire, a Loon call on the water
  • Favorite smells(s): Coffee & bacon in the morning
  • What do you order at a bar? Whisky Ginger