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Hayden Von Drehle

Senior Account Executive

  • Birthplace: Tulsa, OK
  • College: University of Oklahoma
  • Previous companies: Walsh Branding
  • Brands Hayden has worked on: Make A Wish Foundation, Pfizer, Route 66 Marathon, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, PSO, Galleria Dallas, Guildford Town Centre, Anchorage Square, Serramonte Center, Phillips Edison, Centennial
  • Industry experience: Community Development, Corporate/REIT, Retail Real Estate, Premier Shopping
  • What Hayden actually does: Clearly communicate client expectations and needs across all agency platforms. Ensure that client expectations are met on time and on budget. Always a team player. Always overly organized. Always searching for ways to be ahead of the curve.
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Hayden’s positivity is delightfully contagious.

Amy Larson / Vice President: Marketing

Case Study: Centennial Real Estate

How do you earn serious PR traction from a single transaction?

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  • Cities lived in: Tulsa, OK, Norman, OK, New York, NY, Denver, CO
  • What do you do in your spare time? Ski, take my bulldogs on a walk, anything and everything outdoors! Try new things!
  • Travel memories of note: In 2012 my family and I went to Thailand. We took a boat from Phi Phi Island to a place called Monkey Beach. There were wild monkeys everywhere. I mean everywhere! They were climbing all over us. One monkey stole my drink right from my hands, started chugging it, threw it in the sand and ran off.
  • Someday I plan to go to… Australia
  • Unexpected fun fact: I panic in front of famous people. I once saw Heisman winner Sam Bradford at a restaurant. I froze, threw my hands in the air and yelled “YAY! FOOTBALL!”
  • Who knew? I might be one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans out there. If I had his dance moves… my life would be made! I’m also the biggest Ellen Degeneres fan. I’ve sent over 20 selfies to her website trying to win tickets. One day, one day.
  • Family matters: I had seven living grandmothers until I was a freshman in High School. All passing away in their late 90s.
  • A quote you love: “If you’re not being intentionally inclusive, you risk being unintentionally exclusive.”
  • Why marketing? It’s one of the most creative industries out there. It’s vital to business and almost all industries need it. It’s progressive. It’s fun.
  • Favorite retailer(s): BCBG
  • Favorite TV show(s): Modern Family, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
  • Favorite word(s): Erroneous. Flabbergasted. Absolutely.
  • What’s your spirit animal? Elephant.
  • What superpower do you want to have? To turn invisible whenever I please and to have the answer to everything!