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Carol Clark


  • Birthplace:Birmingham, AL
  • College: University of Alabama
  • Previous companies: Kinetic Communications
  • Brands Carol has worked on: Alabama Football, Comcast, Cannabolish, CDOT, Rural Physicians Group
  • Industry experience: Destination, Cannabis, Healthcare, Government
  • What Carol actually does: In my role as a designer, I help bring brands’ personalities to life through visual design.
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Carol has a way of capturing emotion in design.

Jesse Pixler / Creative Director

Case Study: SolaBev

How do you launch a B2B brand in a top-heavy space?

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  • Cities lived in: Birmingham, AL; Barcelona, Spain; Denver, CO
  • What do you do in your spare time? Photography & Hiking
  • Travel memories of note: Backflipping out of a plane in Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Someday I plan to go to… Bali
  • Unexpected fun fact: My parents almost named me Opal Jane because OJ Simpson was arrested and hurricane Opal came through on the day I was born
  • A really big accomplishment: Winning a gold ADDY for a print campaign I did for Roomba as a student
  • Who knew? I played goalie for my varsity lacrosse team (surprising if you know I’m 5 feet tall)
  • Family matters: My family is from all over: Washington, DC; New Orleans, LA; Jacksonville, FL; San Francisco, CA; London, England
  • A quote you love: They tried to bury us… They didn’t know we were seeds.
  • Why marketing? In today’s consumer world, brands have so much more to say than just selling their products to consumers. They actually have the ability to make an impact on our culture and society as a whole.
  • Favorite movie(s): Thor: Ragnarok
  • Favorite place(s): Buena Vista, CO & Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Favorite sound(s) The silence after a snowfall
  • What do you order at the bar? Tequila
  • Favorite book(s) The Giver