COHN’s Capabilities through COVID-19 and Beyond

Amid a global pandemic that shocked nearly every industry, it was hard to see the horizon. Companies faced devastating losses, unforeseen layoffs, and were challenged to continue operating in a new, strange world. They needed direction.

And COHN helped pave the way.

As a small business ourselves, COHN understands the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19. Through closures to reopenings, canceled events to online conferences, we’ve traveled the same unfamiliar road with our clients - and when the future of business was most unclear - we kept moving forward with our clients.

Applying the expertise of our integrated marketing team, COHN delivered innovative solutions in record-time that proved to drive real impact for our clients. Below are just a few highlights of our work through COVID-19.

If your company is wondering which direction to go in 2021, then let’s hop on a call and our team of specialists will help pave the way.


Creating Impactful Signage During a Pandemic for Rappaport

A trusted real estate firm with more than 30 years in the industry, Rappaport knows the ever-changing retail landscape, but COVID-19 was another story. To best support their portfolio of mixed-use properties, COHN was tasked with developing eye-catching, impactful signage in record-time that could be distributed among retailers, residents, and office spaces to keep their communities safe.

Launching a Community-Focused Campaign for Credit Union of Colorado

Committed to making a positive impact through their people and services, COHN shifted away from focusing on demographics to instead thoughtfully pair audiences with the Credit Union of Colorado product that will be right for them.

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Turning Real-Stories into Commercial Success for Kaiser Permanente

As the only 5-Star rated Medicare Advantage plan in the state, Kaiser wanted to create a Colorado-specific campaign that highlighted our active population of seniors. Showcasing real-life members, COHN developed an extensive commercial campaign focused on how seniors are adopting a new definition of health, maintaining financial stability, and breaking a few stereotypes of what it means to be over 65.

Adapting A Quick Crisis Communications Plan for Valley View Hospital

Faced with a national shortage of protective gear for frontline workers, Valley View employees took matters into their own hands and assembled a team dedicated to sewing N-95 masks for their staff. The story was remarkable but the influx of media was unmanageable. That’s when our team of PR experts stepped in.

Introducing Telecommuting Adoption for Way to Go

Since its inception, Way to Go has been focused on changing commuter behavior and improving air quality in the region. When our world shut down and offices closed, COHN saw the opportunity to expand its mission by transforming teleworking from a temporary fix to a long-term solution.

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