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Emotions abound in a hospital bed.

New mothers. Recovering patients. Elated loved ones. Grieving families. For better or worse, emotions abound in a hospital bed, and there are very few places on earth more influential in our lives than a hospital or care site. These healthcare destinations provide all of us a safe place for recovery, treatment, and healing, and our team at COHN is honored to work in such a fulfilling space. Let us use our hospital and care site marketing expertise to tell your extraordinary story and elevate your healthcare brand.




Exempla Healthcare’s validation in Healthgrades provided an opportunity to tell the human side of great…

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Valley View Hospital

Valley View Hospital connected with the Glenwood Springs community with targeted messaging.

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Life’s most memorable moments happen in hospitals. Remember that.

Lisa Wieting / VP: Planning & Integration

Let’s collaborate together and achieve results.

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