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Our philosophy:
Every Interaction Matters.™

COHN is a results-driven, full-service brand marketing agency, which means we never lose sight of the big picture while making every little moment count for your brand.

Because the way we see it, life is a series of moments. And no matter how big or small these interactions ultimately become, each starts as one that will change everything. The moment that will go down in history.

That’s why every interaction with your brand is important:

  • The brand we design.
  • The ad you ran on Spotify.
  • The subject line in your email.
  • The way your team supports your brand message.
  • The load time on your website.
  • How you react in a crisis.
  • The posting schedule on your social platforms.
  • The handwritten note you send after a big sales pitch.

We believe every interaction matters, because you never know for sure which will be the event that changes everything for your brand.

We want to be your agency.

Call us romantic, but we want to be the agency of your dreams. Cyndi Lauper knows what we’re talking about: ♫ If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me. Time after time. ♫

At COHN, we develop brands and help them interact with their internal and external to maximize business success. We are a fully integrated marketing agency, we are uniquely positioned to make every interaction count. Our digital, creative, social, PR, content, and marketing communications teams are all in house—and they intentionally work together in synergy to maximize each marketing moment and interaction.

It’s like Liam Gallagher once screamed, we believe in the power that a single interaction can have on your business…♫ Because maybe, it’s gonna be the one that saves ya. And after all, we’re your wonderwall.

And that’s our promise to you… ♫ Truly, madly, deeply.

Let's work together.

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