Experiential Retail

Everyone’s talking about experiential retail

Have you heard? Experiences are taking over retail. But if the shopping experience isn’t deeply rooted in your brand, then you’ve kind of missed the point, haven’t you?


  • Nordstrom with a weekly petting zoo.
  • Walgreens with a wine and cheese club.
  • Hallmark with a VR experience.

These absurd examples illustrate why your brand must influence everything you do—including the experience you create for your shoppers.

So yes. We agree that experiential retail is the future of shopping.

But thoughtful, insight-driven brand strategy—what makes you different and why should anyone care—is what actually enables those shopper experiences to become remarkable.

The secret to retail experiences

Consider your customer or client.

Their day is made up thousands of moments. Some they’ll remember, others they won’t. Some moments stick, while others slip away. But no matter how big or small these moments ultimately become for your customer, each starts as a real opportunity for you to grab their attention. The moment they fall in love with your brand.

This is especially true in retail real estate, where we, as an industry, are evolving quickly. This is your chance to define, refine and strengthen your brand message through thoughtful interactions with the customer.

That’s how we see the world at COHN. Every interaction matters.

  • The name you choose for your brand.
  • The ad you run on Spotify.
  • The subject line in your emails.
  • The load time on your website.
  • How you react in a crisis.
  • The posting schedule on your social platforms.

Every interaction matters in creating retail experiences, because you never know for sure which could be the moment that changes everything for the customer.

Check out our creative reel to see what we mean.

Create experiences through brand

We’ve been in retail real estate marketing since our company’s inception in 2000, and our experience in the industry is deep and unparalleled.

We have partnered with clients on virtually every aspect of real estate marketing, including corporate brand initiatives, malls and mall portfolios, community and power centers, mixed-use centers, outlet malls, lifestyle centers, destination/tourism properties and urban/city center properties throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.

We live and breathe retail real estate, constantly thinking about how to adapt new, digital trends in an ever changing industry like retail. When you partner with COHN, you’ll always be on the front line of new ideas and breakthrough strategies.

If you work in the retail real estate industry and need branding or marketing services, your first call should be to COHN.

Let's create retail experiences together.

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