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Colorado Wildlife Council Education Campaign Ideation

“This is the Wild Life” is a strong theme for celebrating the reasons Coloradans love living here. The gorgeous scenery. Miles of hiking and biking trails. And four seasons full of adventure. So let’s keep that theme going while working harder to connect the wildlife that hunters and anglers love with the “Wild Life” that all of us enjoy.

Let’s be a little louder (and prouder) about the benefits that hunting and fishing bring to our economy and our way of life. Let’s really drive the inclusivity message home. Let’s celebrate…

“The Wild Life For All.”

Below you will find a few examples of how this idea can come to life.

TV Spot Comp

Script Concept v2: “Float Trip”

Open on a fishing guide with a client getting ready to launch his tricked-out drift boat. From his top-of-the line angling gear to his confident manner, he’s the very picture of a pro.

Up walks a family in loud board shorts, Hawaiian shirts, and goofy sunglasses. They get ready to launch their own type of craft – big, bright innertubes and unicorn floaties.

The dad and the fishing guide size each other up, then exchange nods of respect.

Our spokesman floats by in a kayak, paddling with one hand and drinking coffee with the other.

SPOKESMAN: You don’t have to be an angler to enjoy the Wild Life.

SPOKESMAN:Colorado hunting and fishing licenses help protect the outdoors for one and all.

Bring up logo and super over scenic view.


Guerilla / Out Of Home Idea: Big Buck

We want to integrate our messages into “everyday touchpoints” in a way that grabs attention and organically educates outdoor lovers on the benefits that hunting and fishing bring to our beautiful state.

Diversifying the Outdoors

Identify a diverse group of “outdoorsy” influencers within Colorado and create “The Wild Ones,” an advocacy group that addresses differing opinions and perspectives head on with both respect and fun/friendly banter. Think “The View” or Red Table Talks for Colorado Outdoor & Nature lovers.

Crystal Egli

"I feel like I have always dreamed I should feel on the inside. Driven. Purposeful. Qualified. A Leader. One with nature. Calm."

Nataliya Zasadko

“When I moved to the USA, I immediately fell in love with this country, especially our beautiful state Colorado that I call home.”

Rob Hermann

Full-time creator. Part time philosophizer. Rob focuses on fishing, hunting, and enjoying the very best of Colorado.

Execution Ideation

  • Colorado Wildlife Council Facebook/Instagram takeovers
  • Round table discussions moderated by our spokesperson
  • Audience Q&A’s via Colorado Wildlife Council's social media channels
  • Franchised influencer video series on YouTube
  • “Social dialogue” with influencer followers; e.g., polls, surveys, Q&A in stories, etc.
  • PR outreach and partnerships with media entities
  • “Social cause” alignment (e.g., Blackpackers)

Audience Engagement Ideas

  • “Which ‘Wild One’ are You” Quiz
  • Landing pages for each “Wild One” influencer with tailored advice, tips, causes, curated content, hot topics, etc.
  • “Wild One” branded swag and promotional items that are sold and/or given away via CWC, at events, in physical locations and/or through our influencers' channels

Wild Ones Promo Items