Annual and Sustainability Reports: Design and Marketing

Make your Annual Report sizzle this year.

There are many ways a company can market itself, but perhaps the most overlooked is the Annual Report—and it’s easy to understand why. You’re responsible for compiling an incredible amount of information—financials, disclosures, charts, graphs, tables—that the design, layout and storytelling aspect tend to come secondary. At COHN, we’d like to strongly recommend rethinking that approach. Make your Annual Reports do more than just share financials—turn them into viable marketing materials for stakeholders, shareholders, and your internal teams. Use this opportunity to celebrate the year with beautiful visuals and compelling storytelling.

Reporting should be sexy.

We know that Annual Reports are an important part of your company’s commitment to transparency and accountability. In fact, for many of you, it’s a legal obligation. But what if your Annual Report could do more than just stating the facts? What if your reporting actually inspired company morale? What if your reporting actually led to more sales? We at COHN take every reporting opportunity to put your best foot forward with reporting, and we’ve helped our clients shine in the following types of reports:

Annual Reports

Surprise and delight shareholders with a report as comprehensive as your company’s story and financial performance.

Sustainability Reports

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices and set the foundation for annual performance standards.

CSR Reports

Develop trust through transparent reporting of the socially responsible actions and results of your business.

Diversity & Inclusion Reports

Provide an honest review of your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion with actionable steps to creating a global workplace.

Innovation Reports

Spotlight your company’s impact on emerging opportunities and the development of innovative programs.

Quarterly Stakeholder Reports

Highlight department milestones, company activity, and financial nuggets that help you stand out in the market and engage stakeholders.

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